Why I want to marry Jonah Hill

A man with a sense of humour, talent, and the ability to recognise the opportunity of a life time and take it; without succumbing to his ego. I think we could be happy together ha!

In the recent movie (which I will point out that, at this very second, I have not seen) he accepted his role without any negotiations on pay ($60k, which is apparently like minimum wage in the film industry at that level) – because it was his dream to be in a Martin
Scorsese film. Can you imagine?

This article and
this article had some great quotes that made me put him on a complete fucking pedestal as an example of someone who had a goal, saw the opportunity, and seized it before anyone could renege on him. As a chronic procrastinator this type of confidence in one’s goals, passion for what they love, and long term vision is ridiculously admirable, and something I would like to achieve in my own niche passions.

Note| should Jonah or his media people read this – one of MY goals would be to have an entertaining afternoon with him and interview him personally – you know, if you want to pay it forward as it were…. 😉

Note pt 2 | the sound track to the writing of this entry was, oddly enough and unintentionally, a Family Guy musical number “everything is better with a bag of weed” – sometimes life is silly!