Rage Against The Machine

As I mentioned in my last *actual* post, I was having troubles with my overlocker thread running out at an inopportune time….. I can happily report that I rectified the problem. As is often the case when things get ridiculously frustrating, starting over from the beginning was the answer – it turned out to be much easier to rethread the whole machine than to continue getting frustrated at the one thread that didn’t want to play with me. The resulting bucket hat had a few little flaws in it, but it was for a teenager, and was made out of fabric with unrealistic bodies in warrior costumes, so I doubt a few slipped stitches are going to be his focus.Image

You can somewhat see what I mean (it is the hat in the top left corner)!

I haven’t worked out the legalities of posting tutorials yet – the pattern/tutorial I used for these ones can be found over at Kitsch Bitsch Blog

A pattern that doesn’t yet have a tutorial that I am developing, is for a little Marilyn style halter dress for little girls (pictured below)Image

This is available for sale over at our Facebook Page Pollymop for $30. It is a little girl size 2 – I can’t wait to master the grown up version of this! With elastic ruching across the back, it will be a comfortable fit for anyone!!

The chooks and I are having another crafternoon this weekend, where we will be planning out our sewing adventures for the next few months. Sew, if there’s anything you would like us to cover, please feel free to comment below!

Until then, stitches and such!

The chick