Why I want to marry Jonah Hill

A man with a sense of humour, talent, and the ability to recognise the opportunity of a life time and take it; without succumbing to his ego. I think we could be happy together ha!

In the recent movie (which I will point out that, at this very second, I have not seen) he accepted his role without any negotiations on pay ($60k, which is apparently like minimum wage in the film industry at that level) – because it was his dream to be in a Martin
Scorsese film. Can you imagine?

This article and
this article had some great quotes that made me put him on a complete fucking pedestal as an example of someone who had a goal, saw the opportunity, and seized it before anyone could renege on him. As a chronic procrastinator this type of confidence in one’s goals, passion for what they love, and long term vision is ridiculously admirable, and something I would like to achieve in my own niche passions.

Note| should Jonah or his media people read this – one of MY goals would be to have an entertaining afternoon with him and interview him personally – you know, if you want to pay it forward as it were…. 😉

Note pt 2 | the sound track to the writing of this entry was, oddly enough and unintentionally, a Family Guy musical number “everything is better with a bag of weed” – sometimes life is silly!


A.d.i.d.a.s – All day I dream about se…..wing!

It is 11:30pm ish on a Tuesday night. And I can’t sleep. Partially as my mind is abuzz with the things I need to do at the salt mine tomorrow (aka the 9 to 5 job), but mostly, because I know what I would rather be doing tomorrow….. Sewing!

While my day job provides enough satisfaction (and monetary reward) for me to stay, I wish there was more useable time in the day for the things that I enjoy. Recently, I turned 30, and with that came the cliche evaluation of one’s life to that point, along with a compiled list entitled “thirty things to achieve in my thirties”. I will incorporate it into a future entry, but the general theme of its accomplishments strive for a life maximising on my strengths and passions.

Starting with this blog. Ok, in reality, the blog was midway down somewhere, but it realised that I could make a start towards the goals while sleepless on a Tuesday 🙂

Sew chooks and chickens alike, (see what I did there), I will be striving for more regular and engaging content about sewing, achieving goals, and living your passion.

Fabric swatches and bobbins have begun dancing in my head, and my fingers have commenced a lazy slow dance with the keyboard, sew on that stitch, I bid you good night.

Stitches n such,
Xx the chick